I was born in Scotland but moved down to sunny Yorkshire as a teenager, studying Contract Law (amongst other things) at York. I then took a job in a large Subsea Engineering firm producing all their technical documentation.  After a few years, a move further North appeared on the cards and I made my new home with my husband and two dogs in Darlington. While working with technical documentation as a day job is interesting and challenging in its own right, creative fiction has always been my true passion. So in 2016, my already active imagination needed another outlet, and I started my MA Creative Writing whilst working full-time.writing-image

Crime, horror and mystery stories have always fascinated me, as have history and archaeology books. After discovering an article in a newspaper which seemed to include all of the above yet tantalisingly few details, the research began. In 2014, I finally sat down and put pen to paper. The Lady of Preston Grange, my debut historical fiction novel is the result, which is now near completion.

I also contribute regularly to an online blog – new2writing.wordpress.com which has given me a lot of freedom to experiment with my writing and grow as an author. The blog has also given me the opportunity to become a part of a fantastic online blogging community. I also regularly write short stories in a variety of genres.

I don’t know what the future holds but I know that I want to write a lot, read a lot and cherish every bit of happiness that comes my way. Hope you join me on my journey.

Much Love

KL Caley